Get Your Smile Back on Track With

Full‑Mouth Restorations

If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while or have a challenging dental situation, Cosmetic Dental Solutions is the place for you. We can help get you back on track, gently and safely, regardless of any negative dental experiences you may have had in the past.

Dr. Sholota is highly-trained and focuses on working with you to discuss your options and devise a dental plan that goes at your pace, fits your budget, and helps you reach your unique goals.

“For some reason such as long-time wear on the patient’s teeth, or the patient has had so many fillings and crowns you just can’t keep them going any longer. We’ll make a plan to rebuild their teeth, to rebuild the system to place their teeth where they should be to give them a very predictable, functional, and beautiful smile.” ‑Dr. Chris Sholota

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